ZouNation Magazine Spread

The majority of October consisted of working on the ZouNation project. The start of the project consisted of researching minimalist magazines ZouNation took inspiration from. A common theme among the examples was the main usage of black and white, with scarce color. These ideas in mind, I began to work with the pictures to be used in the article in Photoshop. Beginning with the photo editing of the sprinter, Kahmari Montgomery, my use of layer masks efficiently selected and removed the background of the stadium from the images of Kahmari running. I had to effectively position the shots to appear as though they were taking place in the same picture. I briefly experimented with a red color overlay and black and white photos, but after receiving feedback from Travis Smith and Mr. Sasser, it appeared my spread was lacking cohesiveness. I decided to keep a consistent aesthetic with the use of keeping the athlete in color, while the background was covered with Mizzou’s gold overlay. I was often challenged with how to structure the article’s words, the athlete’s stats and the given images. Eventually, I compromised with keeping the emphasis on the pictures, but kept the stats and article easy to read in their respective positions.

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