Program of Practical Nursing Graduation Ceremony

Another assignment given to me by my mentor, Mrs. Brown, was the revision of the old program of practical nursing graduation ceremony program. It was ugly and outdated, so I tried to go in a different direction with it. I used a bright red, which is often associated with health. Additionally, I used a script... Continue Reading →


Biomedical Showcase Flyer

Ms. Roberson from the Biomedical Sciences program asked Mrs. Brown to design a visually appealing flyer that would help spread the word about the upcoming showcase. Mrs. Brown was dealing with some other work at the time, so I was assigned to work on this flyer. I based this design off a previous flyer Mrs.... Continue Reading →

CTE Month Flyers

This design was based off my previous design of the CTE Month web banner. In addition, there is the Career Center's logo and the Smith Hughes Act badge. These were posted throughout the Career Center.

Culinary Ad

I worked on the culinary ad assignment, as instructed by Chef Harlan. During the course of this project, I learned about adjusting color balance and contrast/brightness when I photoshopped the images of the culinary students. I used a clipping mask on several of my pictures, and I created a layout with my text and pictures... Continue Reading →

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