Teacher Appreciation Gift

My final project for Mrs. Brown was the creation of a 3" x 3" square to be put into plants given to teachers in recognition of Teacher Appreciation Week. She wanted me to include "Thanks for helping CACC grow!", as it played off the fact that these were to be placed in potted plants. This... Continue Reading →


Dr. Pisano’s Summary Posters

Dr. Pisano needed help creating more aesthetically-pleasing summary posters. One of the posters was meant to summarize an article by answering "who", "wanted to", "but", and "so". The next poster described getting the "gist" from an article. The next three posters were intended to be example posters for other students.  All of the posters created were... Continue Reading →

Media Literacy Project: Copyright

This project was introduced to us by Dr. Pisano. In order to help us truly understand copyright and the types of licenses that exist. We began this assignment by researching several cases that claimed copyright infringement.

Missouri “Make a Difference” Contest

The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety started the "Make a Difference" art contest to promote using seat belts. My design concept establishes a connection between wearing your seatbelt and being on the road. The fact in the corner also links to the design with a cohesive road theme.

ZouNation Magazine Spread

The majority of October consisted of working on the ZouNation project. The start of the project consisted of researching minimalist magazines ZouNation took inspiration from. A common theme among the examples was the main usage of black and white, with scarce color. These ideas in mind, I began to work with the pictures to be... Continue Reading →

Digital Media Studio Poster

I began this month designing the poster for the outside case. I came a long way from the original design, which incorporated four lines and too much white space. With feedback from Mr. Cochran, Mr. Sasser, and Mrs. Hickman, I was able to write a proper description of the courses and create a better sense... Continue Reading →

Cross Country Schedule

I found inspiration to work on this when I saw the schedule put out by the Columbia Public Schools administration. The schedule depicted a runner who had already graduated, and the meets and dates were inaccurate. The poor photoshopping and overall design made me think I could do better. As a result, I compiled pictures of... Continue Reading →

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